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Few things in this world are more mildly annoying than a toilet seat that moves when you sit on it. Not only is this annoying, but it could also potentially become dangerous if the toilet seat were to come off entirely when someone sits on it. So why does your toilet seat feel loose, and how can you fix it?

A toilet seat becomes loose when the bolts holding the toilet bowl seat come loose. These bolts can become loose slowly over time if someone in your household leans forward while sitting on the toilet a lot. All you have to do to fix this issue is tighten (or add rubber washers to) these bolts.

Unfortunately, adding rubber washers creates more friction between the two parts, which may making it more difficult for the toilet seat to move, but that may be a trade you want to make! Let’s cover some more details like this to help you adjust your toilet seat to your preferences and eliminate any uncomfortable wobbling.

Why Does My Toilet Seat Keep Coming Loose?

The most common thing that can cause a toilet seat to feel loose and wiggle when you sit on it is if the toilet has loose or misfitting bolts.

These loose bolts allow the back of the seat to move a little from side to side, creating that wiggling sensation you feel when you sit down.

This is a widespread issue that grows more likely with time. For example, if someone in your household leans forwards while using the toilet, they can cause the back of the toilet seat to rise, which can, in turn, cause the bolts to loosen.

Additionally, it can be caused much quicker by someone not using the toilet properly, such as someone that stands on the seat.

A less common issue that can cause this problem is worn-out hinges. If the hinges around your toilet seat bolts are worn out, it may not be possible for the bolts to fit correctly.

In this case, you need to replace the hinges, although if they are entirely attached to the seat, you may need to purchase a new toilet seat.

How to Tighten a Toilet Seat, so it Doesn’t Wiggle

As we went over in the previous section, the most common issue that causes a toilet seat to wiggle is loose or unfitting bolts attaching the toilet seat to the toilet bowl.

Suppose you were worried that you would need to call a professional to fix this issue; worry not. This issue is straightforward to fix.

Let’s quickly go through how to tighten your toilet seat so it won’t wiggle anymore.

What You’ll Need to tighten a toilet seat

Before fixing the toilet seat, we must gather the necessary tools to get the job done. There is something called a toilet seat tightening kit out on the market right now that has everything you need.

The best part is that toilet seat tightening kits are relatively cheap. For example, here’s one from Ginsey on Amazon for around $10.

The Ginsey Toilet Seat Tightening Kit has a tool made explicitly with tightening toilet screws in mind, and it claims to fit all seat sizes.

Additionally, just in case your toilet seat still wiggles with the screws tightened all the way, the Tightening Kit also comes with three sets of washers that you can place under the toilet seat that will ultimately stop this issue.

the easiest way to tighten your toilet seat

Once you have your toilet seat tightening kit, it’s finally time to fix your toilet seat.

  1. Begin by removing everything from the package and lowering your toilet seat lid.
  1. Once the seat is down, look at the two hinges holding the toilet bowl and seat together. On most toilets, you should be able to open these two hinges, revealing the two screws that keep the two parts of your toilet attached.
Revealing screws on toilet seat
At first glance, the screws are hidden on my toilet seat!
  1. Once you can see the screws, all you have to do is tighten them. Grab the big tool your toilet seat tightening kit provides and use it to tighten the screws. This tool is specifically made with this exact job in mind, so it should be able to fit most if not all, toilet seat screws.
Tightening screws on toilet seat

If your toilet seat is screwed in as tight as it can go and is still wiggling when you sit on it, it’s time to use the little rubber washers that also came with the tightening kit.

You must stick these to your toilet between the toilet bowl and seat. This creates a rubber surface that your toilet seat lies on, making it much harder for the toilet seat to move.

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