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Issues with oven doors can be frustrating. For example, you may have an oven door that doesn’t close, gets stuck, or slides to one side. These issues are usually caused by the hinge or springs. Although it’s a nuisance, you can quickly repair and replace the hinges to resolve the problem.

To replace hinges, remove the oven door, remove the old hinges, reinstall the new parts, and reassemble the door. You can clean your hinges and tighten them in place with a screwdriver if you don’t need a replacement.

Don’t panic if your oven door is stuck, allowing heat to escape. This issue is easy to resolve and can be completed by most homeowners. Here’s everything you need to know on diagnosing, repairing, and replacing stuck oven hinges.

Why Is Your Oven Door Hinge Stuck?

Oven Door Hinge

Door issues on an oven aren’t just frustrating—they can allow heat to escape affecting your food, energy bill, and maintenance fees.

There are a few reasons you may encounter this issue, typically involving the hinge.

The Hinge Is Rusty

The hinges on an oven can develop rust over time, especially if you have an older model or don’t use it often.

In addition, rust can develop on the hinge itself alongside the springs. The rust build-up can cause issues with opening, closing, and staying shut.

The Hinge Is Loose or Worn Out

Like any other appliance, using your oven causes the screws on the hinge to become loose and worn out.

As a result, you may notice the door hangs to one side or doesn’t close correctly. Although this is normal, it’s still a frustrating issue and standard on older appliances.

In other cases, the hinge can become damaged and snap. The hinge, spring, and latch may need to be replaced. In these situations, you’ll need to purchase compatible hinges that fit your model or call a professional service tech for assistance.

The Hinge Spring Is Broken

Broken springs are one of the most common culprits behind oven door issues. Spring-loaded hinges can wear out over time or become damaged.

In these cases, the door won’t close or become stuck. To troubleshoot the issue, you can find the door springs in several holes near the door or oven frame.

The Hinge Has Come Off

In some circumstances, the oven door hinge can ultimately come off the frame. For example, the door may have been pulled too hard or worn out the hinge. In these cases, your oven door will stay open or not won’t close entirely.

How to Clean and Repair Hinges

Some oven door issues require simple fixes like cleaning and repair, while others need replacement parts. Keep the following in mind if you need to clean or repair your oven hinges:

  • Clean the exterior of your oven with a washcloth and dish liquid. You can use a degreaser or oven cleaner if necessary.
  • You can use steel wool to clean off excess grime and build-up if your hinges are rusty.
  • Most hinge repair jobs require you to adjust the screws with a screwdriver. You can find the screws or bolts holding, realign the door, and tighten them to secure the door.

How to Replace Oven Door Hinges

Repairing Oven Door Hinge

If a simple repair doesn’t fix your oven door hinges, you’ll need to replace them.

Fortunately, the replacement process is straightforward, and we cover the steps in more detail below.

Step 1: Clean Your Oven

The first step is to clean and dry your oven door to ensure the workspace is clean. Next, wipe the exterior with a washcloth, warm water, and dish liquid. You can also use a degreaser or oven cleaner if necessary.

Step 2: Get Your Tools Ready and Put on Safety Gloves

You’ll want to prepare your tools and put on safety equipment after cleaning the oven. For example, you might need some of the following tools:

  • Flathead and Phillips-type screwdriver.
  • Replacement hinges.
  • Safety gloves, goggles, and equipment.
  • Soft towel to place the oven door on.

Step 3: Remove the Oven Door

Modern ovens usually include a door that locks into place via a locking component inside the hinge. You can open the door completely, so it’s parallel to your floor if you have this type of oven.

Next, find the hinge locking tabs. Lift the taps open with a flathead screwdriver. Afterward, close the door a quarter of the way open and lift up and away.

The oven door should quickly be removed from the locking tab placement.

You may need to unscrew the hinges to remove the door for older appliances. You can consult your owner’s manual and manufacturer instructions or inspect your appliance for the most accurate information possible.

Step 4: Work on the Hinges

After you remove the door, you’ll need to access the hinges, which require you to take the oven door apart. Next, remove all the bolts holding the interior and exterior panels. Depending on the model, you may also need to take off the handle.

Step 5: Take Off the Hinges

Now, unscrew the oven hinges. Remove them slowly by lifting them up and away from the mechanism. The hinges should come off quickly, but rust and build-up may cause friction in some situations.

Step 6: Replace the Hinges

Now, you can install your new hinges on your oven door. Ensure they’re secure in the slots and are aligned correctly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and adjust them if necessary.

Step 7: Clean the Oven Panels (Optional)

You can optionally deep clean your oven panels before reassembling them. You may want to wipe it down with a degreaser to remove tough stains and general build-up.

Step 8: Reassemble the Oven Door

Lastly, you’ll need to reassemble the oven door and fit it into place. You can lift the door and place the hinges into the slots. The door must be in the broil position and a bit open.

You may need another set of hands to align the door and hinges securely. Afterward, open the door entirely and secure the locking latch tabs back into place with a screwdriver.

Finally, close your oven door and ensure everything is working correctly to finish.

Oven Door Opening And Closing Successfully

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