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Ranch homes are more expensive than other available housing. The cost of buying a ranch home in Texas ranges from $200k to $500k per 1000 sq. ft which is roughly 10% higher than alternatives. 

It’s important to understand why ranch homes are more expensive and the advantages to acquiring a ranch home. In this article, we explain how much ranch homes are, why they are expensive and why they are popular. 

Are Ranch Homes More Expensive?

Ranch homes are more expensive than regular houses due to high build costs and the large plot of land they are built on. Ranch homes typically need larger foundations which is expensive. Other factors driving up the cost of ranch homes are extra roofing, wiring, and plumbing costs.  

How Much Are Ranch Homes?

The cost of buying a ranch house will differ depending on the state at which you’re purchasing the home. The size of the house will also affect its market value

For example, ranch house prices in Texas can range from $200k to $500K per 1000 sq. ft depending on which city you’re buying the house in. 

In some cities, like Grand Prairie, you’ll be able to find larger 4000 sq. ft houses for approximately $600k. While in other cities, like Austin, you’ll find smaller 3000 sq. ft houses for around $1.5M.

The price would also increase for popular destinations like LA, where the average price of a 1500 sq. ft ranch house would be around $600k. 

The larger the city, the more expensive the ranch house will be. Some prices will reach above the average market price of $200k per 1000 sq. ft.   

Why Are Ranch Homes so much More Expensive? 

While trying to purchase a home, you’ll notice that as long as a house is listed as a ranch home, its price will be around 10% higher than other houses available. 

The reason for this difference in price range is the materials and space required to build ranch homes. 

Ranch homes are typically built on large plots of land in the countryside.

Ranch homes, unlike two-story houses, require a larger space to be built as they’re typically only one story. 

Since they require a larger area, they will also need a more robust foundation than any two-story house. Other than the foundation, there’s the extra cost of roofing for the entire square foot area of the house. 

In addition to the land space, roofing, and foundation, you’ll also be paying extra for the underground plumbing and wiring of the entire house. 

Usually, a two-story house will have all rooms stacked closely together so the wires will only need to be under the first floor and will easily connect to the second.

With the ranch house, you’ll need to build and connect the wires under the entirety of the house, which, in return, costs more.

What Is the Average Price per Square Foot of a Ranch Home? 

Depending on the method that was used in building the house, the average price of a ranch house can start from $50 up to $300 per square foot.

If the ranch house was stick-built, the average price would be around $300k per 1000 sq. ft. If it was modular built, then the price will be approximately $230k per 1000 sq. ft.

What Is the Average Size of a Ranch Home?

An average ranch home’s size will typically fall between 1300 sq. ft and 1700 sq. ft.

Ranch houses will usually contain two to three bedrooms, but some will also include a fourth bedroom. A dining room, kitchen, and living room are also included in ranch homes. 

As for the bathrooms, some homes will include only one bathroom, while others will have two, depending on the house’s size. 

What Is the Average Cost to Build a Ranch?

There are many points to consider when it comes to the average cost of building a ranch. The main variables are the size of ranch, stick-built or modular and the types of materials used. 

Ranch Homes are typically built out of the city and so construction costs may be higher than average.

1. Overall Building Cost

If you’d like a stick-built home, the average cost will range from $255k to $510k for a 1700 sq. ft house. 

As for a modular built home, the price will typically start from $85k up to $391k for a same-sized home.

2. How Many Stories You Want to Build

The next thing that will affect the price is the number of floors you want to build for your home. The previously mentioned prices are all for a single-story ranch house. 

However, if you’d like to have a two-story ranch house, then the cost for a stick-built house will be around $221k up to $510k for a 1700 sq. ft house. The price is slightly lower than a one-story house because, as we’ve mentioned before, one-story houses require more materials to build. 

As for modular built houses, the price range will typically be the same regardless of the number of floors. 

3. Construction Costs

The construction costs for ranch houses will differ according to the materials you use. If you use luxurious materials, the price will naturally increase. 

The following are the average prices of a few of the construction costs:

  • Foundation: Starting from $9.5k up to $17k.
  • Major Systems: Starting from $34k up to $70k.
  • Framing: Starting from $28k up to $91k.
  • Interior finishes: starting from $51.6k up to $70.8k.
  • External finishes: Starting from $25k up to $35k.
  • Roofing: Starting from $19k up to $40k.
  • Kitchen: Starting from $40k up to $50k. 
  • Bathroom: Starting from $20k up to 80k.

What Is the Most Expensive Ranch ever?

Gateway Canyon Ranches & Resort in Gateway, Colorado is the most expensive ranch in the world, selling at $279M.

Gateway Canyon Ranches & Resort’s house’s size is approximately 22.000 sq. ft with around 3.500 sq. ft total of outdoor balcony area. 

The house is four levels high and includes an elevator that connects between them for easier access.

There are eight bedrooms and bathrooms available, with a dining room, kitchen, and breakfast room.

It also includes various entertainment rooms such as a gym, an art studio, and a theater room. Not to mention the study room and two-story library just to name a few. 

All in all, it’s definitely worth the “Most Expensive Ranch” title!

Where Is the Most Expensive Place to Buy a Ranch?

With their average prices ranging higher than other states, Hawaii and California are the most expensive places when it comes to buying a ranch.

The average house price in Hawaii is around $800k, which makes it the most expensive state to buy a house in.

Coming in second place would be California, with an average price of $600k.

Why Are Ranch Style Homes Popular?

We’re all familiar with ranch-style houses. After all, they’re one of the most popular house designs in America. But why exactly are they popular?

1. Practicality

There are a few reasons why ranch houses’ popularity never declined over the years. One of these reasons is its practicality.

For elders, purchasing a one-story house would be more convenient for them. They can move around as they like without worrying about the stairs.

As for young couples, the lack of stairs will make it a safer option if a baby or toddler was around. Not to mention the large living space it provides and the easily accessed yard.

2. Longevity

Another reason is its longevity. Ranch houses can survive for many years, which gives people a sense of stability and insurance.

Because of its accessibility, people can still live comfortably in ranch houses as they age without worrying about moving out.

3. Easy to Maintain

Another positive point about ranch houses is that they’re very easily maintained.

As the years pass, the trends change. And with these changes, you might want to start redecorating your home, or maybe you simply got tired of one of the room’s colors and want to change.

Since the rooms are all on the same floor and the roof isn’t high, you’ll be able to repaint or design your home without having to pay extra costs for labor!

Because of all of these simple yet important features, many people prefer to buy a ranch house despite it being a little more pricey than other houses.


Coming to a decision when you’re trying to buy a new house can be hard. It’s a huge step to take and there are many options to choose from.

One design, in particular, was more popular than others, and that design is the ranch-style house. Ranch houses are a great option to consider when buying a new house for you and your family.

And now that we’ve reached the end of the article, we hope that we’ve provided you with all the information you need before coming to a decision!

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