Flashing Red Light On Freezer: Diagnose and Fix3 min read

A flashing red light on any electronic appliance is typically a bad sign. But what does a red flashing light indicate on a freezer?

A red flashing light on a freezer indicates that your appliance isn’t cold enough. It’s a high-temperature warning light, and you may also hear an alarm sound. Putting hot food in the freezer, the door not shutting all the way, or blocked vents in the freezer are common causes.

Don’t panic if you notice a red flashing light or alarm sound coming from your freezer. These are common issues that can easily be fixed. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on with your freezer and what you can do about it.

Why Is My Freezer Flashing a Red Light?

Opening Freezer Door

If you notice a flashing red light in your freezer, it’s a sign that your freezer might not be cold enough. The freezer’s red light or high-temperature warning will typically turn on when the interior isn’t cold enough.

The warning light means your freezer’s temperature isn’t suitable for holding frozen foods. The light may turn on, and you may hear a buzzing sound, if your freezer reaches 10°F (-12°C) or more above your normal temperature range.

How to Turn Off the High-Temperature Alarm

Each freezer will have different instructions for disabling the high-temperature alarm or flashing red light. You’ll need to consult your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for the most accurate information available.

However, here are some basic instructions you can use to get a better idea of what to expect:

  1. Locate the control panel on the interior of your freezer.
  2. Press the ‘Temp Setting’ button once.
  3. After you press the button, the red light may change from flashing to continuous illumination. The light may remain on until your freezer reaches a suitable temperature.

Note: If the red light in your freezer is flashing, but you don’t hear an alert sound, this could indicate that your freezer reached high temperatures but returned back to normal. You can follow the steps above to turn off the light.

Freezer Control Panel
Your freezer control panel might actually be located in your fridge, like mine.

How to Prevent the Freezer’s Temperature from Rising

The red flashing light in your freezer typically turns on when the interior temperature rises above the normal operating range. Luckily, there are easy ways you can prevent your freezer’s temperature from getting too hot.

Here are some of the best techniques:

Give Your Freezer Time to Cool Down

If you recently installed a new freezer, it may need time to cool down to reach the desired temperature range.

Keep the freezer door closed and wait a few hours for it to cool down. If the light doesn’t turn off, you may need to move on to another troubleshooting method below.

Don’t Put Hot Food Inside Your Freezer

Placing hot food inside your freezer can disrupt the internal temperature and cause the appliance to take longer to stabilize. It’s best to wait for food to cool down before placing it inside the appliance.

Cold Food In Freezer
Only put cold food in your freezer!

Check for Any Gaps, Cracks, or Damage

Your freezer might have temperature problems due to issues with the seals. The seals may have gaps, cracks, tears, or other damage, causing improper insulation. Inspect your appliance for any gaps between the door seals.

If you notice any issues, adjust the gaps and close the appliance. For significant damage or cracks, you may need to contact an authorized professional for repairs.

Open the Door Less and Leave it Closed

Leaving a freezer door open for too long or too often allows warm temperatures to enter the appliance. The warm air increases the temperature and causes your freezer to take longer to stabilize.

Avoid frequently opening the door and leaving it closed when it’s not in use to avoid temperature issues.

Inspect for Frost Build-Up

Frost build-up can also cause the internal temperature of a freezer to rise. Inspect the inner walls of your appliance for frost. If you notice any ice, you may need to manually defrost the freezer.

You can inspect your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for more information on defrosting your appliance. Alternatively, you can call an authorized repair agent for professional assistance.

What Do the Other Lights on My Freezer Indicate?

Different freezers have various lights that indicate whether the freezer is working in optimal ranges or not. Although the meaning of these lights depends in part on the model, there are a few common indicators to be aware of:

  • Green Indicator Light: You may notice a green indicator light if your appliance is connected and working correctly.
  • Yellow Indicator Light: A yellow warning light typically indicates that Fast Freeze is enabled. The compressor will continue cooling until it’s disabled. Your freezer may need around three hours for the internal temperature to drop to suitable levels.
  • Door Ajar Light or Alarm: You may notice a Door Ajar warning indicator if your freezer door has remained open for over five minutes. You can close the door to turn off the light or the alarm sound.
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