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Is your sliding shower door difficult to open? Does it frequently slip off the track and cause issues? Although this may seem like a minor issue, a slipping shower door can damage the track and poses a risk of broken glass. So, how do you fix it?

First, test the top rollers and adjust them if needed. Next, remove the shower door from the rollers and adjust them. Spray WD-40 to ensure the rollers work smoothly without friction. You may need to replace the rollers if they’re damaged. Finally, reinstall and secure the door into place.

You may be putting off fixing your shower door that slips off the track. Fortunately, this problem is easy to resolve and doesn’t take much time. We cover everything you need to fix the issue in the article below. Read on for more information.

How to Get Your Shower Door Back on Track

Glass Shower Doors
My shower doors are curved which presents an additional problem!

A shower door that constantly slips off the tracks is a frustrating problem to have. Not only can this issue damage the track and door components, but it also poses a risk of broken glass.

Fortunately, with a little bit of elbow grease, you can easily adjust the door to ensure it stays on track and moves smoothly. You won’t need many tools except the following:

Test the Top Rollers

The first step is to ensure the door rollers are secure on the top track. The top rollers on a shower typically have a little wiggle room, so you can hold the door and lift it to guide it back on track.

Afterward, test the door mechanism a few times to ensure it’s on track. You can move on to the next step if this doesn’t resolve the issue.

Remove the Door and Adjust the Rollers

Now, you can remove the shower doors and modify the rollers. First, take your screwdriver and remove the guide rail found along the edge of the door. Alternatively, you may need to remove the plastic guide in the middle of the bottom track.

Hold the doors firmly and lift them out of the track. Lean the doors securely against your bathroom wall while you adjust the rollers.

Here is a helpful video on how to safely remove glass shower doors

Test the Rollers and Replace them if Needed

Now you can inspect the rollers to see if they work smoothly and spritz silicone lubricant if needed.

You’ll want to test the rollers to see if they turn quickly without friction. If they don’t, you can spray some silicone lubricant, or WD-40 (on Amazon), to help them work correctly. Then, test the rollers once more to see if they function correctly, and move on to the next step.

You’ll need to replace the shower rollers if they’re damaged and don’t work correctly. In most settings, you can snap the rollers out of alignment or remove the screw securing them into place.

Then, you can take the rollers to your local hardware shop to find replacement parts and follow the instructions to install the new rollers.

Put the Door Back on the Track

Now that your rollers are working correctly, you can place the door back on the track.

You’ll want to raise or lower your shower doors and inspect the alignment as you go. Then, take your screwdriver, loosen any screws securing the roller and adjust it.

Be sure to use minor adjustments and place the door back in place until it’s smooth and secure.

Finally, replace the guide rails or roller track after finishing the adjustment to complete the project.

Why Did the Door Come Off the Track?

Shower doors off track
My shower is a standalone unit but the advice in this article also works for bathtub integrated showers

Sliding glass doors are beautiful home additions, whether installed on your patio or shower. But without proper maintenance, the door can quickly slide off the track and become a nuisance.

Off-track shower doors can happen for several reasons but are typically caused by issues with the rollers.

Misaligned Track

Misaligned and bent roller tracks can cause issues with a sliding shower door. Tracks that are bent inward will prevent the roller and door from moving. Angled outward tracks can cause the door to slide off the track.

To realign the track, you can adjust these issues with a pair of pliers or rubber mallets. You can also avoid this issue by being careful of knocking or damaging the shower track when using it.

Dirty Rollers

Clogged rollers with shower grime can cause issues with opening and closing your shower door.

In addition, if the rollers are dirty, you may notice difficulties sliding the door open or closed. You can avoid these issues by ensuring the rollers and tracks are clean of grime or debris.

Rollers Need Adjustment

If the rollers on your shower track need adjustment, the shower door can slide off the track and cause issues. You can use the guide above to adjust the rollers to ensure your shower door works smoothly without friction.

To avoid this issue in the future, ensure the shower track is clean and aligned correctly. You’ll also want to ensure the rollers are secure in place and haven’t come offline.  

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