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Wood saw

Jigsaw Vs Bandsaw

Two of the best and most popular saws are the Jigsaw and the Bandsaw. Each saw has its own features and specialties. There’s lots of confusing information on which Jigsaw is best to buy or how to purchase a Bandsaw. It’s challenging to decide which one you need and when. Understanding when to use a …

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Brushed Vs Brushless Motors

Significant differences exist when dealing with brushed vs brushless motors. Because of this, brushless motors have been dominating the industry for several years.  Many cordless power tools are now brushless rather than brushed. But what does this mean? And is it important?  The answer to these questions will impact your decision on which tools to …

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Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench – what are the key differences?

I have been working with power tools for over 30 years and often get asked the question “Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench – what’s the difference?”.  I remember the introduction of Impact Drivers and Impact Wrenches to the industry. I have given this answer countless times and have detailed the key differences. Most guides go …

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