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Hi there! Welcome to Build Fanatic where our philosophy is simple – no job is too big or small! Our goal is to be the best online resource for improving your home, and for help fixing things around the home. 

Here at Build Fanatic our passion is all things DIY and home improvement related. We truly care about providing top notch and up to date advice, tips, and reviews to our audience. Build Fanatic started because we noticed that a lot of content you find on Google is very similar. It seems like every article you click on gives you the same, generic information. We set out to change that. 

With every article we publish, we aim to provide the best quality advice available on the web.

All content is thoroughly researched and vigorously edited to ensure top quality. 

We never have and never will use AI writing services. In 99% of articles we also use original imagery with annotations to make our guides actionable. In the rare instance that we can’t use original imagery, we give credit to the original photographer.  

If you’d like to contact us, please do so at [email protected]. We regularly review email and love hearing from our readers!

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